jonCates, jake elliott + Kyle E. Evans at Myopic [2010]

Jon, Kyle and I played a set at Chicago’s longest-running experimental music venue, Myopic Books. Kyle was playing his handmade Cyber-Didgeridoo (probably not really what he calls it…), while jon+I were processing short recordings, ambient bookstore noise, feedback and other electronics.

Kyle got a pretty solid audio recording:
March 8 2010 Jon Cates, Jake Elliott & Kyle Evans @ Myopic Books  by  yaktronix

And jon recorded a video from his laptop:

jonCates, Jake Elliott + Kyle E. Evans @ Myopic Books Experimental Music Mondays on 2010.03.08 from joncates on Vimeo.

One thought on “jonCates, jake elliott + Kyle E. Evans at Myopic [2010]

  1. That cyber didjeridoo is bad ass. Start to feel like the ghost librarian from Ghostbusters is about to spring up in front of the shot and give everyone a good scare. :)

    You might like this ambient album I made with my friend Jim, this reminded me of it in some ways… Our album is like a soundtrack to a series of lost stories we made up…

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