Three Turk Dreams [2010]

Screenshot of Three Turk Dreams

Three text/software pieces I made in an electronic writing course taught by Judd Morrissey. These three pieces were made with Javascript & texts gathered from Amazon Mechanical Turk as an attempt to probe, tease, analyze, and marvel at its crowdsourced subconscious.

Dream 1 — The dreams of Mechanical Turk workers are rewoven into an eternal amber tangle, slipping in and out of intelligibility.

Dream 2 — Feel around on your keyboard and try to reveal the narration of a dream, clumsily remembered and slowly put to type.

Dream 3 — The Mechanical Turk workers are asked to analyze their own generated text as though they were dreams. This is meant to be the video component of a video/print installation, along with the printed text of dreams described by Mechanical Turk workers.

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