Hi! I'm Jake Elliott.

I make games, music & artware. I'm currently working on the game Kentucky Route Zero with my friends Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt. With my friend jonCates, I run the internet radio station NUMBERS.FM.
Reach me by email at jake@dai5ychain.net. If you'd like to keep up with what I'm working on, sign up for my low-traffic email newsletter.


I've been making nonviolent, slow-paced, narrative games since early 2010. In 2011, my game "A House in California" was a finalist in the IGF's Nuovo category. Around that time, my friend Tamas Kemenczy & I founded game studio Cardboard Computer, and started working on our first game, Kentucky Route Zero.


I've been involved in experimental music and performance since 2000 or so. For the last several years, I've been collaborating regularly on music projects with my friend jonCates. For a few years, Jon & I played a 2-hour weekly radio show called Slow Electronics. In 2011, we started an internet radio station for experimental music called NUMBERS.FM. I was really into modular synthesizers for a few years, and right now I'm focused on handmade circuits and the Shnth.


This work is made of and about software. Check out this fantastic 1999 essay by Saul Albert, "Artware," for some background on the use of that term. I picked it up from my friend jonCates, and the group Critical Artware, which he co-founded and in which I was a core developer for a few years.

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