Dog and Bone are friends! A flash game designed & programmed by Jake Elliott with art and music from Fifth, Skab, rpmoura, mr. mnml, Arachne, /cheapshot, Big Lons and jrhill. Built for the ASSEMBLEE competition organized by TIGSource

Dog and Bone are friends

This game was designed+developed by Jake Elliott as an entry in the Assemblee competition hosted by tigsource. This game is made using the flixel library which is built by AdamAtomic. The complete source code for Dog and Bone are friends is available on bitbucket.

Hey you! Skab made this amazing box art: check it out!

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  • Designed + Programmed by Jake Elliott
  • Art by Fifth, Skab, rpmoura, mr. mnml & Arachne
  • Sounds by /cheapshot & Big Lons
  • Music by jrhill
Art & Music is licensed under a Creative Commons license.